Friday Five: Warren, Rhode Island

Warren’s always been a town I just pass through on the way to other places. With Barrington Books all the way in Barrington, I’ve always driven down Warren’s Main Street without giving it much thought on my way to this great bookstore. But on a recent lazy winter break day with Cara and Kevin, I finally visited some shops in Warren and was impressed with what I found.

1.) Coffee DepotI’d first heard of this coffee shop while working at Coastal this summer, and I made my first visit a few weeks back. Inside, the shop is full of people and it feels like the sort of place where the same people have been coming to play Scrabble everyday for years. Plus, the coffee is strong and well made: flavorful iced coffee and good cortados. 501 Main Street, $

2.) Imagine EmporiumI’ve always passed by this bright purple store and let myself wonder what the heck goes on inside without popping in to find out for myself. But before getting coffee, we ventured into this gift shop and were pleasantly surprised. I was expecting an eclectic toy shop from a children’s movie but instead found a place that is most striking for how big it is inside. The three floors of this building are packed with quirky greeting cards, umbrellas dangling from the ceiling, Rhode Island themed gifts, and an excess of lightbulbs on the third floor. 5 Miller Street

3.) Delekta Pharmacy–This pharmacy on the corner does what trendy places in Brooklyn and Philly try to do but in a subtle and more authentic feeling way. A few products from the pharmacy line the shelves and there’s a counter to get a milkshake or drink with a couple seats next to the window as well. We didn’t stay for an egg cream, but this place is on my list to revisit soon. 496 Main Street

4.) TraffordI first visited this waterfront restaurant last winter with my mom and have been consistently impressed with the food and views here. Lunch is laid-back, and they serve good American fare and the fantastic Trafford Burger. Their menu varies throughout the year and on summer nights they make creative cocktails. 285 Water Street, $$-$$$

5.) In Your Ear RecordsI don’t know much about record shops, but this Boston-based sells a great variety of records, CDs, and movies. It’s a good place to do some browsing after visiting the other stores in the area. 462 Main Street

Next time you’re passing through to Bristol or Barrington, stop by in Warren. The Wooden Midshipman down the road also sells some hipster, and expensive, gifts.

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