2015 in Review

I’ve always enjoyed the week between Christmas and New Year’s, though this is my last year as a student, meaning that I might not have this break again next year. At any rate, after spending time connecting with extended family, there’s some quiet time for reflection, usually holed up inside avoiding the snow. Though it’s warmer outside, today I share some of the adventures that 2015 brought.

Kicked off the year with a road trip to Princeton (January)


Explored Eastern State Penitentiary in Philly (January)


Finally got up to Killington to ski (January)


Visited idyllic Maine (February)


Made the trip to Seattle and Portland, OR over spring break (March)

IMG_7843 IMG_8230

Dodged fire in Orlando (March)


Met up with old friends in Savannah (June)


Checked Martha’s Vineyard off the Mass Bucket List (June)


Caught some great fireworks on the Fourth (July)

"I want fireworks, now!!"

Rooted for the Phillies


After enjoying beer and Jenga at Frankford Hall (July)


Discovered Pittsburgh (August)


Caught a sunset on North Haven (August)


Waited too long for a lobster roll (September)


Ran the Newport Half Marathon (October)


Shopped for books in Boston (October)

Brattle Book Shop
Brattle Book Shop

Road tripped to Quebec (November)


And that’s a wrap! I’m already looking forward to 2016 and all it has to bring: New Orleans next week, some visits to New Jersey and Connecticut to see my sisters, graduation…yikes!

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