Take 12 Trips 2015 Wrap Up

Back when I read about the Take 12 Trips Challenge last December, I was worried that I’d be taking on too much trying to visit somewhere new every month, especially while at school. Though some trips were to further places like Princeton, Savannah, Seattle, or Quebec, seven out of the twelve were day trips from Bowdoin. This meant that every month I had an excuse to do something that I’d never gotten to do in Maine before: visit the Portland Head Light, go to Giant Stairs, eat a doughnut from the Holy Donut, or stop in Portsmouth, NH on my way up to school.

Though it may be a bit of an undertaking, I’m excited to announce that I’ll be doing Take 12 Trips 2016 this coming year. There are some big things I still want to check off my Maine list before I graduate, like visit Acadia National Park and climb Mt. Katahdin. Plus, I’m excited to see where next year brings me and will definitely have some exploring to do around wherever that will be.

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