Another Summer Roundup

With final exams and papers coming up soon, I’m trying to get ahead and plan some content for the coming weeks until break. While searching through drafts of posts never finished, I found the second of my planned summer roundup posts, but it got lost in the ether back in June. I decided to publish it now to share some things that I found while poking around this summer. Does this count as my version of releasing something from the Disney Vault?


Just finished Veronica Roth’s Four and am now listening to Amy Poehler’s Yes, Please as an audio book. The Beginning of Everything is also coming up soon as per friend recommendation.

From CN Traveler, I’m learning how to pack for a long haul flight. And Alex in Wanderland has some tips on managing money while traveling.

Travel discoveries and gadgets

I found these new Scratch Journals from Luckies of London that look pretty fun.


Epicurious’s list of 25 Best Coffee Shops in the U.S. has me adding a couple places to my coffee bucket list.

IMG_0395I’ve also been working on my New Orleans Iced Coffee. So far, the Red Barn House Blend has been my favorite. I’ve also brewed it with leftover beans from Counter Culture in DC that my cousin Michelle gave me for Christmas, but they had been ground since December so they didn’t make the freshest coffee. I just made a batch with the Federal Donuts Federal Blend, but I think I did something to mess it up because it tastes too watery. The roast description says that there are hints of black tea, and I think I’ve tasted those so far.

The Red Barn Blend makes a smooth, sweet, and strong batch of Iced NOLA. Next time I head up to Westborough, I’ll grab a couple more bags and try it out again. IMG_0397

New destinations

Some new Asian cities have snagged a spot on my travel list thanks to this CN Traveler article.

Cape May, New Jersey has snagged a spot as a place I want to visit next summer. Read more here and here.


While I like that they’re hyping up piadine, I wish that they’d recommended the Bolognese classic of crudo and squacquerone…

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