Traveler Gift Guide

HollyTravelers can be a tough group to buy for. I know when Christmas comes around, the only things I really want are coffee beans and books (if any family is reading this, I love coffee beans from your local store). If you have a traveler in your family, though, and you’re stumped on what to buy them, here are some ideas to begin with.

-Moleskine Notebooks–Maybe they’re a cliche for the journaling type, but blank page notebooks can be the writer traveler or travel writer’s best friend. These are compact, and they allow you to write, paste clippings or museum tickets in, or doodle a scene while traveling. This one in particular is tried and true and traveled with me during my semester in Bologna.

-Scratch maps or scratch journals–For list makers and map nerds, scratch maps are a fun way to track your travels and share where you’ve been on your wall. Although, they can be a tease as they get you to scrutinize over where the next place you’ll scratch off will be…

-Luggage/backpacks–Compact, stowable, with wheels and organized compartments, trusty luggage is an important one.

Photography-A camera or camera accessories–Though not all travelers are inclined to take photos, a good camera is an invaluable tool for shutterbugs.

-Weekend trips–Invite your traveler for a weekend visit to your hometown. Maybe you don’t think you live somewhere special, but there’s almost always something worth doing. Though people always give Jersey a bad rap, Princeton and surrounding towns have become some of my favorites in the Northeast since visiting my sister and her fiancé there.

-Local experiences–When I have to give gifts for those people tougher to shop for, I always opt for experiences. Concert tickets, Newport Polo, a local college hockey game, or an organized day trip into a city nearby.



One thought on “Traveler Gift Guide

  1. I agree completely on the luggage! I have so many bags already, but I always need more because baggage handlers at airports ruin the stuff! I just flew from London to Cleveland yesterday, and my bag is now all covered with weird brown stains, and one of the zippers is broken, even though this is only the second time I’ve used it! (Sorry, rant over.) I also really love books as gifts, either about travel or not…both because I just love books, and because I refuse to accept the Kindle, and I don’t like taking library books travelling with me, so I need a constant supply of paperback books (non-fiction for preference) to read on planes!


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