Local Tables

It’s time to hit the road for the holidays. I drove back to Rhode Island from Maine last night and traffic was already getting rough, so for all those traveling today and tomorrow good luck! There’s Christmas music on the radio, so tune into that to help get you through. At any rate, for those traveling near and far, there are a lot of great places to eat if you still have room after turkey and sweet potato pie. Here are some all-time standouts.


On the East Coast, check out Picco in Boston for pizza, Bao Bao in Portland for cheap, tasty dumplings, and Primanti Bros in Pittsburgh for bulky sandwiches. In Brunswick, Big Top Deli is your spot for filling and heavy classic sandwiches. The new burrito place in town, Big E Burritos is also worth a stop, but if you’re looking for more whole foods, visit the Crystal Springs Farmers Market or the Winter Market in Fort Andross. Further south, the Green Truck Pub in Savannah serves up well-made American fare.  To the West Lou’s in Chicago and the Portage Bay Cafe in Seattle (for its breakfast bar) are all solid bets. If you’re traveling internationally, some other favorites of mine are Da Mamo in Venice, Di Matteo in Naples, La Cuisine in Quebec, Maggie Jones’s in London, Osteria dell’orsa in Bologna, and Encantada in Panajachel along Lake Atitlán.


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