Interview Escapades

Senior year is in full swing, and that means job applications and interviews begin! A few weeks back, I had my first interview in Boston as part of a career day for some New England schools. Though I’ve been to Boston a number of times, I used the day as a chance to explore and check out some places suggested by Conde Nast. While interviews can be stressful, there’s still time to adventure. You need lunch after all, right?

Bailey was visiting a friend at school, so the two of us drove down the night before the interview and browsed around Trident Booksellers. I’ve heard about this Newbury Street shop many times and have recommended it to others, but I’d never been until that night. The shop met a lot of the criteria for the perfect bookshop, but what struck Bailey and I the most was how much attention was given to making the displays look pretty and Instagrammable in a way, which very well may be a trend in how people set up shops these days. Who knows? After looking around, we grabbed a coffee upstairs–good but nothing mind blowing.

The next morning we grabbed pastries from Clear Flour Bread in Brookline. This cute neighborhood bakery is owned by two Bowdoin friends’ parents, so we took the opportunity to go. The pumpkin doughnut was rich and flavorful while still tasting fresh and not overly sugary.

After interviewing, we reunited for lunch at the Piadina Cafe and Coffee Shop. I heard about this restaurant after returning from Bologna and googling “piadina” and “Boston,” hoping to find a place where I could buy this Italian lard-based tortilla like bread, but instead finding a restaurant that makes them. Located inside of the ostentatious 75 State Street, the shop seems to suggest to patrons at first that they’re in the wrong place and that it’s actually obscured from passersby by some sort of Platform 9 3/4s magic. But fear not, for the shop is in fact located on the first floor of the building. The piadine were good and the service was friendly, but I was hoping for some bold squacquerone and instead found mozzarella. At any rate, if you’re looking for some Romagnolo comfort food in Boston, this is your place.

Before driving back to Maine, we visited the outdoor racks of books at the Brattle Book Shop. Hidden down the road from the Boston Commons, this bookshop sells aggressively discounted rare and used books outside the store, although their really rare books are housed on the store’s upper floors. If you look hard enough, you’re bound to find something that will be of interest. For its plaza of old books outdoors and prime musty book smell inside, this store is worth a visit.

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