Pit Stop: Kennebunks

IMG_1610Greetings from Maine! I recently blogged about my last days in Rhode Island this summer, and now I’m back in Brunswick for the rest of the summer until school starts again. I’ve started working at the admissions office at school and have enjoyed the change of pace. While working at a coffee shop is fun and keeps you on your feet all day, I’ve remembered how nice it can be to have more consistent days off, which in turn means some time to explore. Before even returning to Bowdoin, though, I made a couple stops along my drive to school. With a coffee from Westborough’s Red Barn in hand, I was ready to take on the drive.

IMG_1598The Kennebunks are one of those vacation destinations which dot the drive from Tiverton to Brunswick–a nice place but somewhere I pass by to get promptly back to school. Between the beautiful Maine in August weather and the whole day to take my time and move myself into my new apartment, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to visit and made a pit stop for lunch in Kennebunkport.

Although I’d initially planned on grabbing a bite to eat at Mabel’s Lobster Claw as per their highly recommended peanut butter ice creamIMG_1585 pie, while driving through town I couldn’t help but stop and visit the equally well lauded Clam Shack. People rushed the walk-up window to place their order and then hung around the freshly squeezed lemonade stand. I was allured by the atmosphere and gave it a shot, though being new to eating lobster I chickened out and got a clam cake instead, which is probably a sacrilege in some regards but I don’t really care. The food was very good, but I was probably more impressed by the lemonade which a girl freshly squeezes, mixes with sugar and water, and serves by the glass. There’s plenty of space to lay your spread atop old lobster traps made into tables and enjoy the people-watching.

IMG_1614Next, I stopped by Dock Square Coffee for an unimpressive iced coffee and took a stroll through town. Dock Square is lined with all sorts of touristy shops, though only one kitschy Ireland on the Square-type store. I was intrigued by the Day Trip Society and enjoyed browsing their inventory. They have a bunch of quirky and fun books as well as an array of semi-useless but cool looking gadgets and trinkets.

Though my visit to Kennebunkport was limited to Dock Square and no more than two hours, it was a better pit stop on the drive to Maine than Portsmouth, and it’s somewhere I’d love to go back and spend more time.

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