200 Misadventures

August 2nd has been a special day for me for the past few years. Seven years ago I published my book Misadventures with Filgersville and last year I published my 100th post on the blog. Now, one year later I’m 100 more posts in. Last time I around, I was feeling a little more analytical and reflected on which of my posts did well and which tanked, what sort of new features I introduced over time, and things like that. Though statistics can be helpful, I’ve decided to take a more reflective route this year and highlight some of my favorite adventures of the last 100. Here’s to 100 more!

Finished RI39 and visited every town in the Ocean State


Got one drink with a view in Granada


Hit up a playground in Salamanca with a new Australian friend


Called Bologna my home and practiced my Italian


Braved an Italian train strike (more than once) but the view merited it


Vorsspeiled and relaxed in Oslo


Drank out of a baby bottle in Paris


Celebrated 25 years since the Fall of the Berlin Wall


Came back to this in Maine


Launched into space in Seattle and then encapsulated Portland, Oregon in a photo

IMG_7877 IMG_8230

Dodged a dragon


Caught this sunrise (I swear I was there when it actually came up)


Reunited in Savannah


Said goodbye to an old familiar place

Picking up crumb buns at Delite as usual
Picking up crumb buns at Delite as usual

And scoped out some great places in Jersey

LTC Welcome Crew
LTC Welcome Crew

Thanks to all the friends and family whose couches, floors, and trundle beds I crashed on and whose fridges I mooched out of. It’s been 100 wonderful adventures. Looking ahead, I can’t wait to explore more of Maine before graduating, get to Nantucket, take a road trip, and see what the next 100 hold.

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