All I Ever Wanted

Vacation…the word just has a wonderful, resonant ring to it (well, I guess it’s actually a bit percussive on second thought). At any rate, Cara and Kevin were home last week, and not only was it a chance for all of us to relax and laugh, but we also visited a bunch of places that have been occupying space on my to-do list for some time now.

We started off the week with berry picking at Sweet Berry Farm in Middletown. Although strawberry season is by now likely over, visitors can pick their own fruit out in the fields for a fair price (I think it was around $5/pint, though my math might be wrong). I’d never gone berry picking before, and I was pleased with how it lived up to the hype even though I was hesitant to eat them while picking and had to wait to get home first to wash them. At any rate, the farm itself was cute and had a variety of foods and yummy baked goods for sale in their store.

Later in the week, we went for a beer tasting at Newport Storm Brewery as the rain nudged us to stay inside. Founded by Colby grads (woo, NESCAC!), Newport Storm is one of the few and proud breweries in the Ocean State. A tour and tasting is only &7.50 and includes generous portions of four different beers they have on tap. Our communal favorite was the India Point Ale, but I also liked the Spring Irish Red Ale which had a nuttier flavor. Some people were getting decidedly hammered, intentionally or not, so if you go beware of the large portions. Regardless, the tour is self-guided and isn’t much, but you can walk above the factory floor and learn more about the production process. Overall, a great value and a fun rainy day activity.

South Shore Beach in Little Compton is a top place for Tivertonians to unwind as they elect for the ocean waves over Fogland, which is tucked away on the Sakonnet River right in Tiverton. Cara, Kevin, my dad, and I went to South Shore last Friday with sandwiches from Provender in tow, but it ended up being a chilly and windy day, causing us to leave earlier. On the way back, though, we stopped for coffee at the Art Cafe, just off the Commons in Little Compton. The Art Cafe, though small by all means, serves coffee from Coastal Roasters and exudes an eclectic country vibe with some local art on display.

On the Fourth proper, we made quasi-Chicago Dogs and then went out on the Sakonnet River to watch fireworks pop all around in Portsmouth, Tiverton, and even Bristol. The water was still and nobody else was out, making it a tranquil and beautiful night to celebrate.

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