Take 12 Trips 2015 June: Savannah Reunion

This week was an exciting one for me: after finishing work at the coffee shop on Sunday I started packing and was on my way down to Savannah Monday. My friend Ali and I flew down to meet up with our high school friend Will who goes to school down there for a visit. I hadn’t seen them for over a year, the last time being before I went abroad to Italy last August, so I was stoked to say the least.

I’d been to Savannah with my family when I was still in elementary school but didn’t remember much besides its reputation for being the “most haunted city in America.” This let me go in with an open mind, and I was impressed by the city with its numerous antique shops, gorgeous parks with flowing Spanish moss, and other general oddities the city has. Here are some highlights:

IMG_89441.) Green Truck PubWe stopped here for dinner our first night in Savannah, and the food was delectable. Will swears on their burgers, and they looked incredible, but I took a pass as we’d already stopped at Steak & Shake earlier in the day for lunch. I elected instead for the Chicken & Apples sandwich–think fresh bread, crisp apples, and moist, tender chicken. Although Green Truck looks unassuming from the outside, inside the lights are dim and there’s a perceptible hearty atmosphere. I would definitely eat here again.

2.) Jinx and barhopping–Ali and I were in town for Will’s 21st birthday, so on Tuesday night we hit up some Savannahian bars, starting with Jinx. I’d read about this bar and music venue in the NYT’s 36 Hours in Savannah article, and Will and his SCAD friends also recommended it, so it was a winner all around. It was hip-hop night when we went, and people took to the stage in a freestyle competition which was fun at the very least, if not great rap. The bar is decorated with a punk and goth theme which is also fun. After that, we stopped by the Tree House–more expensive but has porches overlooking City Market. Being a Tuesday night, the city was quiet overall and places closed kind of early, so our pub crawl was limited to just the two spots. However, the humidity and heat during the day meant that the nights were pleasant and warm, a refreshing change from nippy nights in Maine. IMG_8992

IMG_03733.)Foxy Loxy and coffee–Our week was filled with ducking into coffee shops to escape the heat, and Savannah has some caffeine gems. Gallery Espresso boasts a fun atmosphere with its beaten, mismatched couches and chairs and hipster baristas. The Sentient Bean is located right on scenic Forsyth Park and serves up dark, rich mocha lattes and fresh cold brew. My two favorites, though, were Foxy Loxy and Maté Factor. Foxy Loxy has a distinctly neighborhood feel with its walls covered in community event flyers and comfortable couches, chairs, and tables for people to meet up, study, or read. As far as their coffee is concerned, they serve up eclectic offerings like the Horchata Latte, and their cold brew ranks up there with the best I’ve tried. On our last day in Savannah, Will brought us to the Maté Factor, and I absolutely recommend this spot for breakfast if you’re in Savannah. Their baked goods are all fresh and mouth-watering and they make a variety of drinks with a mate base, letting you enjoy the taste of coffee without a jittery heart afterwards. I tried the Mayan Mocha, which is made with carob, a no sugar added chocolate substitute–great, sweet, and refreshing. Another selling point here, though, is the atmosphere. Stepping inside is like entering a treehouse with music evocative of Splash Mountain (bad comparison, I know, but my Southern U.S. experience is limited).

IMG_89424.) Parks n Squares–Savannah is organized on a grid system, and is thus ripe with squares. While we walked around, I couldn’t help but take pictures of the parks lined by historic, colorful Southern homes and full of trees draped with Spanish moss. While being outside in humid Savannah in June may not sound the most enjoyable, the canopy of the moss creates a noticeable difference in temperature and a welcome retreat from the beating sun. Forsyth Park is one of the most iconic parks, and in Chippewa you can find the spot where Forrest Gump sat on a bench (the real bench is in the Savannah Museum of History–don’t go, it’s a waste of money).

5.) The Book Lady–One final, enjoyable place we visited was the Book Lady. This basement bookstore is full of vintage, antique, used, and new books and has an overall cozy bookstore vibe. Not to mention the fact that the owner’s dog is adorable.

At any rate, Savannah is sure to offer a great time. I didn’t even mention some other cool things we did, like eating family style Southern comfort food at Mrs. Wilkes’ Dining Room, ghost-hunting at the Sorrel-Weed House (cool idea but didn’t quite land, overpriced), or checking out Alex Raskin Antiques, an antique shop inside of a mansion which was unfortunately mostly closed to get ready for a photoshoot. To end on a completely cheesy note, there’s one more highlight of this trip…


6 thoughts on “Take 12 Trips 2015 June: Savannah Reunion

  1. It sounds like a good trip (except that Savannah Museum of History, and possibly the ghost-hunting. It may have been similar to the awful time I had on a ghost tour of a historic home)! I’ll definitely keep that bookshop in mind if I ever end up there! I’d love to see more of the South…I’ve only ever been to Williamburg, Virginia and Asheville, North Carolina, and that was when I was a kid so I didn’t choose the itinerary (because the “world’s largest furniture factory outlet” would definitely not have been on it).


    1. I’ve heard excellent things about Asheville! North Carolina is the only state I’ve really never been to on the East Coast, so that’s the spot I’m hoping to visit one of these days.


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