Ursus Converses

For a long time, Boston meant going out to dinner for me. Living in Westborough forty minutes outside the city, my family and I would sometimes go into the city to celebrate a special occasion or to visit my sister when she went to Boston College. Recently, though, going into Boston for dinner has taken a different tone. Some of my friends from my a cappella group live in and around Boston and we’ve had a couple different reunions over the past few years, and one night this past week was the perfect time to do that. One of my friends had just gotten back from a semester in Dublin and another was visiting from California for job training in Boston

Ursus ConversesThis time around, we went to Boston Burger Company in Davis Square. The food was all good, but it played second fiddle to the conversation as we were catching up for the first time in months. I got the King Burger which was rated in the Boston Globe’s best burgers and is topped with sugar, cinnamon, peanut butter and bacon. While it seemed more like something a misguided Italian would serve in an American restaurant in Italy thinking it combined everything fundamentally “American,” it was actually quite good. Their classic fries are also hearty and fresh. Davis Square has a relaxed, neighborhood, family ambiance with joggers weaving through families sitting outside under trees with Christmas lights dangling off them. To top off the night, we hopped into next door J.P. Licks, a Boston ice cream favorite. I’d never been there before but was impressed by the Peanut Butter Cookies ‘n’ Cream.

Getting to Boston from Tiverton can be a bit of a pain. When I was applying for my Italian visa last summer, I took the commuter rail from Providence, but the train is expensive, takes over an hour, and has very spotty service. Driving isn’t too bad, though parking can be nightmarish, and I’d just finished reading The Triumph of the City and was feeling particularly green. This time, I took the Peter Pan bus from Fall River to South Station. The bus takes just an hour, and it’s much more convenient to drive to Fall River than to Providence, so I recommend it to get into the city from the East Bay area if you don’t want to drive. Although getting into Boston can always be a bit of a puzzle, I’d say it was well worth the hike.

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