Friday Five: New Favorites in Brunswick

I’ve had ample time to explore Brunswick over the last three years. For one, the town isn’t by any means a metropolis, so when there are places to explore it’s fairly easy to visit all of them. That said, I have found that I’m always adding new restaurants and venues in the area to my to-do list, and this year I tacked off a couple of new spots from my list. While I wrote about my Brunswick Five last year, I have a couple additions to make now.

IMG_01711.) SchoolHouse Cafe–Since going to SchoolHouse the first time with Bailey, I’ve been back two more times, and the waiter Garrett is starting to remember our orders. Everything I’ve tried has been fresh and flavorful, whether it’s the fiddleheads, cinnamon french toast, or or iced vanilla latte. In my opinion, it’s best to go first thing in the morning when they open: the muffins are freshly baked and there aren’t ever many people awake. 506 Harpswell Neck Rd., Harpswell, Maine. $$

2.) Giant Stairs–Another stop on my April trip was to Giant Stairs, also in Harpswell. While my knowledge of the rocks’ history and formation is lacking, Giant Stairs can certainly be appreciated for its aesthetic value. Maine is known for its dramatic coastline, and the stairs are a shining example.IMG_0161

3.) Joshua’sI recently turned 21, opening the doors for me to Brunswick’s great nightlife scene. Okay, Brunswick doesn’t have that many different bars, but Joshua’s is a local classic. Named for Civil War hero Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, the bar welcomes in Polar Bears and Brunswickans (I’m coining that demonym). It packs in Bowdoin seniors Tuesday nights thanks to the relatively cheap beers and free popcorn. 123 Maine St., Brunswick, 207-725-7981, $$

4.) BlueberriesI’ve been big into breakfast these days, and Blueberries was another restaurant I checked out this semester. This one’s technically in Topsham, but it’s an easy walk across the bridge to the mill where Sea Dog is. I couldn’t resist and had to order blueberry pancakes just to test the blueberries which give the cafe its name. Let’s just say they were some of the best I’ve had in Brunswick. 4 Bowdoin Mill Island, Topsham, 207-725-5100, $$

5.)Two Hands Crepe & Juice BarFinishing up my list of new favorite discoveries is, in fact, a new hang-out spot. This juice bar and creperie just opened about a month ago now and serves healthful smoothies like blueberry kale and pineapple pep. I’m used to hanging onto an iced coffee for hours while reading or studying, and it’s important to remember that smoothies are best enjoyed while still cold and frozen, so every time I get to the end of my melted, juicy mixture and it starts to taste weird. At any rate, they serve a variety of savory and sweet crepes as well, and though it’s sparsely decorate for now, it’s a good place to hang out. 4 Pleasant St., Brunswick, 207-406-4820, $$

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