Finals Roundup

I’ve been wiggling through finals for the past few days, but the end is in sight! I’ve already finished my Spanish class and had my World Science Fiction final exam today, leaving me with an anthropology exam, a paper on Italian women writers, and a short science fiction story. My content on the blog has been lacking lately, but I wanted to share some interesting things I’ve been reading and quick news on some interesting places and things I’ve recently discovered.

Chefchaouen–I first heard about this Moroccan city while in Bologna: a Moroccan girl came up to some Italian friends and I to bum a cigarette and started talking about places she likes in Morocco and this was one of them. I didn’t catch the name of it at the time, but it’s come up at least twice in the past few weeks. I finally did a cursory Google Search, and it instantly earned a spot on my shortlist, along with a number of other Moroccan cities.

Two Hands Crepe & Juice Bar–Brunswick is slowly but surely growing its list of niche places to visit, and Two Hands is  a welcome addition. Though pricy, this newly opened (as in only three weeks ago new) hangout spot serves crunchy flavored smoothies, like Pineapple Pep and Blueberry Kale, and tasty crepes. More to come soon, but if you’re in the area, check this new place out!

Blueberries–Bailey and I have been killing the breakfast game as of late, and we walked across the Androscoggin this past Saturday to visit Blueberries. The food here was great, though their coffee selection was more limited than SchoolHouse Cafe. I couldn’t resist and had to try something with blueberries, and the blueberry pancakes definitely did not disappoint.

IMG_8707-Robocup–The biggest oddity on this list, I recently discovered Robocup when the U.S. Open was held at Bowdoin a couple of weekends back, and our team got second!

And as far as some (travel) reading goes…

America’s Most Beautiful Neighborhoods with both Providence and Boston getting spots in the top three!

Eleven underrated European cities with Padua also in the rankings.

Seattle Snacks making me reminiscent of spring break.

-And a shoutout to an hold high school friend whose blog I just discovered!

And what’s keeping me going but this face that I’ll see on Friday?


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