Killing it at Killington

IMG_7511Vermont has held a special place on my travel list. It was the last state of New England that I hadn’t been to, and when I finally made it to Burlington it ended up being a nightmare for a number of reasons. But last weekend, my dad and I drove up to Killington for a ski weekend, and my second time in the Green Mountain State was much, much better.

For one, the drive up from Grafton, MA wasn’t bad at all: it was very scenic and there wasn’t much traffic going up on a Friday afternoon (we avoided driving through Boston). We stayed at the Cortina Inn & Resort: though some of the “artwork” was dated, the hotel had a comfortable lobby with couches and a fireplace, a hot tub and pool, and included breakfast, so not a bad deal. We defrosted for a little bit next to the fire and then went to dinner at The Foundry (the hotel also has a funny binder of the restaurants in the area, and they specifically say that they “do not recommend” all of the venues they’ve listed). The food here was good (try the risotto tots in spicy ketchup) and there was live music. Outside was a little skating rink with people playing hockey. It all had a great vibe and was a strong start to the weekend. The second night we ate at The Wobbly Barn, which was disappointing: overpriced, mediocre food in a typical steakhouse setting.IMG_7501

IMG_7504Now, for the good stuff. Killington is probably the best mountain I’ve skied in the U.S. For one, the mountain has six peaks, so there are plenty of different runs you can find and there’s plenty of glade skiing if you’re looking for some adventure. I, on the other hand, stuck to regular trails. The mountain is also a good amount of challenging: the black and double black diamonds are tough without being insane, so they give you a good, little rush when you finish. The K1 Lodge at the base is good, but don’t miss the Peak Lodge. It’s fairly new and has these big, open windows so you can see out for miles. While the view is spectacular, the food up here is also great, like the Vermont Macaroni and Cheese which you can customize and is made to order. Plus, you don’t have to sit on a ten minute chairlift ride directly after eating and get to jump right back into skiing once you’re done, so it’s a good way to stay warm.

If you want to make more of a weekend out of it and need a break from skiing, there are a couple of other cool places to check out nearby. Long Trail Brewing Company is about a twenty minute drive from the general vicinity of Killington on the way to Woodstock. While we didn’t go, I’ve heard that the beer is good and that visitors (both to the brewery and the restaurant) will ride right up in their snowmobiles in the snow. Woodstock is another option for those who like the classic, quaint small town Vermont vibe. My dad and I drove through on our way back home to Rhode Island, and there’s a nice downtown area that was all lit up.

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