Friday Five: Places to Revisit

This week’s Friday Five is different from the usual post, as Ellis from Ellis Goes on Holiday invited me to do a post on five places I’d love to revisit. This is something I think about pretty frequently, and after every city I’ve been to lately I’ve said that I need to go back, so this will require some closer scrutiny than I’d anticipated.

Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey

1.) London–I went to London for the first time last summer with my sister for one week. We spent all of our time in the city, minus a day for a day trip to Windsor and another to the Harry Potter studios in Leavesden, and while we definitely did a lot during our time there, I left feeling like there was still so much more to do in the biggest city in western Europe. The city is full of incredible museums, gorgeous architecture, and great pints. I’m still trying to organize myself to have one last study abroad hurrah there and make the trip back before going home.

IMG_28032.) Chicago-Another habit of mine lately has been saying that I want to live in every city I visit, and Chicago was one of the first to kick off this trend. Chicago has a quirky food scene (think Chicago dogs, deep dish pizza), really interesting architecture, and Second City, which is probably one of the driving factors for me wanting to go back. It’s also right on Lake Michigan, so there are beaches and great places to walk and run.

photo-353.) San Francisco–The last time I was in San Francisco I was eight, so I think that sort of speaks for itself. I really enjoyed it when I went, but I think that if I were to go back, it would be like seeing the city for the first time.

IMG_62314.) Berlin–My recent visit to Berlin was incredible, but I’m already determined to head back. There’s so much to see from a historical standpoint, but if I could devote a week or so to the city I would spend more time checking out some of the city’s cool cafes and actually going to a club which Berlin is so famous for.

IMG_22585.)Paris–The last city on my list is a tossup. First to come to mind were Vancouver, Madrid, and Norway in general, but I think as one place, I’d have to say Paris. I only visited for a weekend and crammed as much as I could into that weekend, but I kept noting that there was so much depth to the city: more to the Louvre, more to Montmartre, more to pretty much everything. It’s another city where I could definitely spend more time exploring and getting lost.

6 thoughts on “Friday Five: Places to Revisit

    1. Hi Becky, thanks for the comment. It’s really a struggle to make a list like this. Of all the place I’ve visited while I’ve been abroad there are very few where I don’t feel like I need to revisit. The travel bug isn’t just about traveling wide, but also deep!


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