Mystery: San Marino

This weekend I went to San Marino on a whim, figuring when else would I be close enough to go. While this micro state in Emilia-Romanga is generally touristy, it was quiet, cloudy, and a little gloomy and forlorn when I went. I haven’t been keeping up with the Photo 101 assignments, but here are a couple of catch-up assignments.




From Bologna, you can reach San Marino by way of Rimini, so it amounts to about a two hour trip each way. There’s not a ton to do in the country. It’s a big tax-free haven and claims to be the oldest independent republic in the world. The hills were beautiful, and I spent what ended up being just an hour and a half there walking around and getting my passport stamped at the tourist office.

While San Marino is an independent country, there is no border control between Italy and San Marino, so a passport is not necessary for travel, unless you want to get your passport stamped at the tourist office.

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