Landmark: Potsdamer Platz

Today’s Photography 101 assignment called for a landmark shot from a different angle. While I’m sure this photo exists everywhere on the internet, I thought I’d share this one I took in Berlin this weekend. No, I didn’t take it with the prompt in mind, but I took it with the class generally in mind, so it counts, right?

Sony Center
Sony Center

Potsdamer Platz was a crucial crossroads in Berlin before World War II but was ravaged during the war and then abandoned in the Death Strip of the Berlin Wall during the Cold War. After German reunification, the square was revitalized and major corporations like Daimler-Benz and Sony bought property and built major, modern buildings here. The construction here was controversial because some felt that the historical roots of the square were wiped out by the giant companies, but, if I’m not confusing my facts, there are still facades of some of the historic hotels and buildings preserved in the square. Inside the Sony Center today, there’s also the Film Museum, which I’ll be writing about later this week when I finally have a chance to blog about Berlin.

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