Padova: Mint Coffee, a Water Park, and Saint Anthony

Little cities can really be the best, and Padova convinced me of that last weekend. While visiting my friend May in Ferrara, we hopped on the Bologna-Venice train line and got off an hour or so from Ferrara in Padova (English:Padua), a city in Veneto not too far from Venice. We had a vague idea of what we wanted to do and see going in, but went in pretty much blind, but here are the highlights.

IMG_5267Caffè PedrocchiI won’t lie and say I went to this coffee shop once for a 2.50 euro coffee, because, yes, we went twice. But this historic, Italian café serves up a delicacy you can’t miss. Their caffè pedrocchi is a type of coffee (remember, this means espresso) with cool mint cream on top. Not only is it refreshing after a day of walking around the city, but it also tastes perfect and like nothing else. The café itself is a historic place with a museum on the upper floor, and the rooms are divided into different areas, each part red, white, or green for the Italian flag. Yes, this venue is pricy and more formal, but do not miss it if you’re in Padova.

Dalla ZitaThis little paninoteca is a few steps away from Caffè Pedrocchi. Colorful index cards on the wall display the shop’s menu, with fun sandwich names like Viennese, Parigi, Bolognese, and even names like Tommy. Sandwiches are delicious and make for a great, quick lunch. It was crowded when we went sometime after one, so don’t be surprised if you have to wait.

IMG_5315 Prato della Valle—This park, water circle area is another must-see sight in the city. Statues of famous people encircle the “moat,” the building around the square are pretty, and it’s just one of those overall beautiful places. There’s a park in the middle where people play soccer, and the atmosphere overall there was awesome.

Basilica di Sant’Antonio di Padova—Unfortunately, photography isn’t allowed inside the cathedral, but this is another place to visit while in Padova for sure. For one, Saint Anthony is buried here and pilgrims visit his tomb, laying their hands on its side. The stained glass inside is gorgeous, and there are some incredible paintings as well. I wish I’d read more about what everything was while I was there so I could speak better about it all now, but it’s a beautiful place to be.  IMG_5329

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