Friday Five: Best of Tiverton

After spending another summer in Tiverton, I now find myself with only one week left in town. Now that I’ve lived and worked here for a while, I hope that I have a good pulse on the town and some of its places.

Almond Joy Smoothie

Coastal RoastersWhile every town (or almost every town) has a coffee shop, I ‘d say Coastal Roasters not only has incredible drinks but also is the most distinctly Tiverton place in town and is most representative of the people. They serve up great lattes like the Coco Loco or Robin Mocha, offer a selection of frozen drinks and smoothies (think Mint Chip Coffee Cooler), and also serve fresh brews of traditional hot and iced coffee everyday. Coffee is roasted in the store, and they sell beans to both customer and some local stores.Though there’s not much for seating inside of the store, there are picnic tables outside along Main Road as well as some tables overlooking the Sakonnet River. This is a popular stop for beachgoers on their way to Grinnell’s or South Shore in Little Compton. They’re open all year except for Christmas and New Year’s, so coffee addicts can get their fix even on Thanksgiving. Limited parking on Main Road. 1791 Main Road, $

Black Goose CafeA little further down Main Road is another great cafe. They offer a wider selection of lattes with drinks like the Peanut Butter Cup, Peppermint Patty, S’mores, and Salted Caramel lattes (although there’s also a wide selection of flavor syrups at Coastal and you can customize with those to make creative drinks as well). The Goose is open later in the night and does more in terms of food: they offer a number of sandwiches, incredible desserts, muffins that melt in your mouth, and really tasty soups and buffalo macaroni salad. There’s outdoor seating in the summer overlooking Nanaquaket Pond, so it’s a great place to get some sliders (the special they’ve had pretty much all summer) and kick back and enjoy the scenery. In addition to their coffees and teas, they serve different beers and wines as well. 2160 Main Road, $   

The Goose's sliders are great take home fare
The Goose’s sliders are great take home fare

Boat House RestaurantGet a table here for the best view in Tiverton. Recent winner for “Best Fried Oysters” in the Best of RI, the Boat House serves up great seafood, warm bread in paper bags, and overall great dishes. I’ve only been once, but loved it when I went. I’d say it’s the best place for dinner in town. They also have brunch which I’ve been hoping to try. 227 Schooner Drive, $$$ 

IMG_2854Biking on Seapowet–I’ve biked a lot this summer, going to Sakonnet Point for more of a workout but biking down Seapowet Avenue provides some unbelievable views. As you ride down this rural road, you pass by sweeping fields with sparse trees looking like something from Africa and maybe an albino peacock if you’re lucky. Seapowet Marsh along the way makes for a good stop to dip your feet in the water, and as you continue on to the end of the road you could head to next-door Fogland Beach for some more relaxed beach time. I did this ride a handful of times this summer and definitely think it showcases the coastal, rural aspect of the town. If you go right off of Pond Bridge Road once you’re done, you can continue towards Sakonnet Point in Little Compton, stop by some farm stands, or head to the commons. IMG_2853 IMG_2516Moose CafeGray’s gets the most attention in town, and their ice cream is good, but the Moose Cafe is more unique, and, I’d say, better. They have hundreds of flavors of soft serve (and I’m not kidding, hundreds) and you can customize what you want by adding in toppings to the soft serve you order. In addition to all of their regular soft serve flavors, they also have some pre-designed sundaes (like Moose Tracks, Brownie Sundae, Cookie-licious, Omazing Oreo). Though I’ve never tried them, they have a number of bagels, doughnuts, lattes, and sandwiches. Additionally, there’s both indoor and outdoor seating, so you can enjoy this venue all year long. 1160  Stafford Road, $ 

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