100 Misadventures

Big news today: this marks my 100th post (it’s also the day that Misadventures in Filgersville came out in 2008)! I’ve tried writing other blogs here and there before but never got to more than 25 posts or so, so this is exciting for me. Lucy from On the Luce put together some great reflections to celebrate her blog’s third anniversary, and while Misadventures with Michael still has a long way to go, here are some reflections from the past year of writing and traveling as well as things to expect looking ahead.

-Looking at my statistics, some of my best posts have been from RI39 (particularly the one about Westerly, which is inexplicably popular). In addition to that, Camino Seguro, Doris Duke, Deep Dish, and fellow Polar Bear Longfellow were all attention grabbers. IMG_3005

-In addition to some strong posts, I also have a posts that really tanked. Walking through Washington, and racing on runways are activities that people generally want to avoid (or at least not read about). Although, I don’t blame them for not wanting to Race the Runway. In addition to those, books and traveler’s companions have garnered little attention.

-Wednesday Adventures came and went. I did a couple of posts in this series (London, Rome, Philly), but they ultimately fit into the general “visit post” category, so they weren’t that necessary. Instead of those midweek adventures, though, the Friday Five should have more coming this year, compounding on the new city guide feature.  IMG_1928

-In addition to expanding the city guides feature, Friday Fives, and some other compilation type posts, I have some other upcoming adventures planned. Rick Steves has become my best friend lately, and I’ll have a bunch of content from study abroad to share once I go (with a pun-ny series name that I think is a lot funnier than it actually is).

-I’m also really excited about some upcoming guest posts. Ellis and Jessica have both shared some insight into cities they know, and I have a few more people who are lined up to share about places where they go to school, spent the summer working, or live, and I can’t wait for you to hear what they have to say.

So, thanks for reading for 100 posts. I’m really looking forward to the next 100!

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