Budget Boston, Again

About this time last year I made a really cheap day trip into Boston with some friends from Westborough, and this year I did the same thing to meet up with a friend who was picking up a visa for study abroad. This week’s trip into Boston was a lot more organized than last’s, probably because I didn’t do much of the planning, but I discovered a couple of new places that are good to check out around the city.

photo-42Thinking CupThis coffee shop has locations throughout the city, so after meeting at South Station we walked over to the shop on Boston Commons. It’s pretty dark inside with little wooden tables to give it that neighborhood coffee shop feel. They cold brew their iced coffee as well which is a plus. It was a good place to catch up after being away from school for a few months, and I would try it again for sure (though I’ve also heard of Trident Booksellers & Cafe and Flour Bakery and those have also made it onto my Boston list recently).

After getting coffee, we headed to the Copley Square Farmers Market. Vendors set up their tents on Tuesdays and Fridays throughout the summer. I’d never heard of this market, but my friend said it looked great, so we gave it a shot. We both got the mozzarella sandwich from Iggy’s which had some of the best, juiciest mozzarella I’ve ever had with fresh tomatoes on a rustic and fresh baguette. We sat in the park for a while, winding around again to get cookies and a mint maple iced tea. I’ve never really eaten at a farmers market before, and I definitely give it high marks as there’s fresh food, a great setting, and all for incredible value. It was a lot cheaper than sitting down somewhere and getting lunch, and it’s also a great way to be outside and enjoy people watching.



The Breakdown:

  • Iced Coffee=$3.25
  • Lunch at the farmers market (sandwich, tea, cookie)=$10
  • Parking at Providence Place Mall= $10
  • Commuter rail tickets=$20.50
  • Total=$43.75

No, I didn’t do as well as I did last last year when I visited Boston. What really got me was transportation and parking, so if you live near a stop on the T, that’s definitely the best option because driving to Riverside and taking the Green Line last year was cheaper and more convenient. As far as food is concerned, though, I ate a lot better (and a little more) for about the same price.

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