Rhody-O: Small Town Finds

I’ve collected another collage of random places which don’t quite fit into other posts I have planned, so here goes another Rhody-O.

IMG_2865Al Fresco Dining at Four Corners Grille, Tiverton–I’ve written about this Four Corners restaurant before, and I stand by this local favorite. I recently went here with Cara and Kevin before the Newport Ghost Tour, and we took advantage of one of their summer treats: outdoor dining. Now, I should’ve taken a different picture because the one here doesn’t suggest much, but there are a couple of tables spread out on their patio, closed off from the street by a fence, and surrounded by trees and vegetation. No frills, friendly and quick service, tasty food, and great value for your money. Check it out if you’re in Tiverton.

IMG_2694Evelyn’s, Tiverton–Featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, this Tiverton clam shack serves up fried seafood, Rhode Island classics, and a fantastic view of the sunset on Nanaquaket Pond. I’m not much of a seafood guy, but I enjoyed their Rhode Island chowder (which is not as creamy as regular clam chowder) and coffee milk. This place will kill your wallet and it gets a lot of buzz in the area, even enough to attract Emma Stone this past Saturday night as she’s been filming a movie in Newport (one of my co-workers just missed her by a little bit).

Moulin Rouge, Tiverton–One of those classic places that every town has. French/French-American food in a cozy and tight atmosphere. They give you cheese spread and crackers while you wait for your food instead of bread, which is a bit different. If you’re from the area and are looking for a new place to try, maybe give it a whirl, but I might try some other places first if you’re just stopping by.

Nacho Mama’s, Bristol–Two of my best friends from home visited on Saturday, and after spending some time enjoying the beautiful weather we headed over to Bristol for dinner. I’ve been really pro-Bristol lately if you like Newport, as it offers a lot of similar things without the gigantic crowds (a couple of mansions, some great restaurants, beautiful views, nice antique shops), so we headed over there. As Chipotle fans, we went to Nacho Mama’s for dinner. It’s one of the few Mexican places I’ve scoped out in Newport & Bristol counties, so I was happy to find somewhere to get that burrito and chips & guac fix. If you go, be prepared to hear lots of Pitbull. The food’s a little pricier than Chipotle, but good quality still! It’s in the middle of town, too, so it’s easy to walk down to the water afterwards. photo-41Island Books, Middletown–Finally, I can talk anyone’s ear off about a good bookstore, so I’ll keep it short and simple. Island Books is a great, local store in Middletown. Good inventory, tight space, which is perfect for a bookstore, and really friendly staff!

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