Rhody-o: Round-up of Rhode Island Discoveries

The last few days have been hectic as I’ve been spending time at work, my internship, and getting my visa squared away for study abroad (more to come on this later), but I’ve had some time to stop by a couple of new places. Today’s post will be a little shorter, but I’ve discovered some new places in Rhode Island (good and bad) that I’d like to share.

Island Cinemas (Middletown)–My sister and I went here for the first time to see The Fault in Our Stars last week. While the fact that the movie was incredible scores this theater extra points, I’d still recommend it if you’re looking for a simple place to catch a film. It’s a pretty simple and small theater with no frills, but our tickets were really cheap (I’m pretty sure they have discounted tickets Wednesday nights), there was a bin with free movie posters (where I scored myself a Grand Budapest Hotel poster), and it was an overall good experience.

IMG_2607Coffee Exchange (Providence)–I was excited to finally try this coffee shop a couple of weeks ago when a friend from school was visiting. There’s plenty of space both inside and out (with a nice porch to enjoy the sun if it’s nice) to sit and work or talk. The coffee here was some of the best I’ve had in Providence (I got an iced mocha latte to mix it up), and I’d definitely recommend it. The barista seemed a little annoyed to take our orders, maybe to give a flavor of New York hipsters or maybe just because he was grumpy: the jury’s still out on that one.

Blue Grotto (Federal Hill, Providence)–While the service here was friendly, this was an overall disappointing experience. The service was slow, the chicken parmesan had a weird texture to it, and we weren’t overly impressed. I’d check out the other restaurants of Federal Hill first. However, the arancini (risotto balls) were pretty good, and I think by exploring the menu a bit more, there could be some tasty things here.

IMG_2666Duck and Bunny (Providence)–I’d been meaning to go to this Wickenden Street coffee shop for a while and finally made it this week after work. It’s decorated all black and white inside, and there’s either table service or you can sit at the bar if you’re looking to take your coffee on the go. Their cupcakes looked incredible, too.

Symposium Books (Providence)–Ever since I moved to Rhode Island, I’ve been searching for good, independent bookstores, and this is one of them. It’s pretty cluttered inside with new and used books, and they have a pretty offbeat collection as well. In addition to books and graphic novels, they also have some more sophisticated and less cheesy/touristy Rhode Island postcards, magnets, and prints.IMG_2669

Walls at Small Point

Small Point Cafe (Providence)–Yeah, I’ve overloaded on new coffee shops lately, but I was late leaving work in Providence and had to stop by Symposium Books, so I headed to this coffee shop next door for lunch. It’s decorated with bright green walls, and childhood toys like Gumby stand sentry by the cash register. There are also chalkboard walls next to some tables stalked with chalk as well. I didn’t try the coffee, but I definitely recommend their blueberry bagels.

Redlefsen’s (Bristol)–I’ve written about Redlefsen’s before for lunch, but I returned not too long ago for dinner, and I’d have to say it’s one of my new favorites. There’s a great atmosphere inside with lights dangling from the ceiling and murals of different places in Germany (like Sleeping Beauty’s Castle), and it wasn’t too crowded for a Saturday night. There’s a great view of Bristol Harbor from inside, and the food has all been incredible.

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