The Quest for Uhlman’s: The Daily Scoop

photo-29It’s been a while since I last wrote something for my Quest for Uhlman’s series as I haven’t been out to get ice cream lately, but last night after a dinner at Redlefsen’s in Bristol, I met a surprise contender that can give Uhlman’s a run for its money: The Daily Scoop. (If you need a refresher on how my ratings work, scroll to the bottom of this post).

Taste–The Daily Scoop matches Uhlman’s in taste. Their coffee oreo and fudge brownie flavors were great (creamy, flavorful, and had a good ratio of things like Oreo and brownies to ice cream). The Daily Scoop has typical New England ice cream and great flavors, and they know how to do chocolate peanut butter: although I didn’t try it, it looked great, and the fact that they have a chocolate PB flavor gets them extra points. My only negative comment would be that the waffle cone was a little too heavy. -1

Price/portion ratio–Ice cream wasn’t crazy expensive for three of us. I would say that it’s less expensive than Gray’s, but pretty much matches up to Uhlman’s. 0

Atmosphere–Where Uhlman’s is a little ice cream stand on the side of the road, The Daily Scoop boasts waterfront access, which is a definite plus. It’s a walkable distance from a lot of the restaurants in the area, like Redlefsen’s and the Beehive Cafe, and you can either take your ice cream to go and take a stroll by the water or sit inside of their store. +3

Flavor selection–The Daily Scoop seemed a little limited when it came to the number of flavors they have compared to Uhlman’s. They have some great looking flavors though, so it’s a tough call on this one. -2

Overall–The numbers say that The Daily Scoop is just as good as Uhlman’s. I’m still hesitant to say it’s just as good as their rating is heavily based on its great atmosphere, but I’ll have to try it out a couple more times and then I’ll be able to judge it better. Until then, I will say that this is a good Little Rhody Uhlman’s substitute, and I recommend their ice cream if you’re in the area.

Here’s a refresher on the rules and how the rating works:  I’ll rate every shop I go to on their taste, price/portion ratio, atmosphere, and flavor selection. Uhlman’s marks the middle of this spectrum and earns a rating of 0 for all of these categories. Everything else will compare to Uhlman’s on a scale of plus or minus 5 (so if, say, the taste is much worse than Uhlman’s the ice cream would get a negative five, but if the atmosphere is a little better than Uhlman’s it could get a positive 2). I’ll add all of the numbers together and see how it compares overall with Uhlman’s. 

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