Blogging 201 and Exciting News

If you’ve been poking around the blog lately, you may have noticed some new features in the work. I’m currently taking the class Blogging 201: Branding and Traffic through the site, “The Daily Post.” This class provides daily prompts and tasks to fulfill to think about branding and reaching readers. In the next few weeks, “Misadventures with Michael” may be in flux, so keep checking in to see some of the new, exciting updates that I’ll be working on.

City GuidesOne feature in particular I’d like to announce is the new City Guides page. On the home page, there’s a picture like the one on the left which links you to the new City Guides page. On this page, there are clickable pictures which bring you to in depth city guides. These guides are filled with info and tips compiled from my blog posts and other notes I have from traveling but haven’t had a chance to share yet. I’m still developing this feature and experimenting with formats, but feel free to check it out and share any feedback you may have with me. The Westborough and New York guides showcase two potential different formats well.

If you have any feedback that you’d like to share, please email me at

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