Local Sprouts and Runway Racing

Last weekend was filled with a few different perspectives of Maine. Although Friday and Saturday were markedly different, they both showed me places I hadn’t seen before.

Image 2Friday night I went into Portland for First Friday again. I’ve talked about first Friday a few times before, and it really is a good way to get to see the art galleries and the PMA for free. After checking out their current exhibit Fine Lines, we ventured down Congress Street to Local Sprouts. I was skeptical of this place at first, like I was of the Green Elephant on a similar First Friday. It similarly surprised me: Local Sprouts isn’t a strictly vegetarian restaurant like the Green Elephant, but just serves organic food. You order at the counter and they bring the food to you, and it was relatively cheap as far as dinner in Portland goes. One of my friends and I even bumped into our pre-orientation trip leader who lives in the city, so Local Sprouts turned out to be a good experience overall.

The next day, though, I ran in the Race the Runways, a 1-mile, 5K, and half marathon in Brunswick at the old Naval Air Station. I hadn’t done much training for the race after not running while on my ASB trip to Guatemala, but the course was a little disappointing. It was a rainy day, and the course wasn’t particularly pretty or scenic. There were hardly any spectators either, so it was a quiet and kind of boring run. I was also disappointed because the part of the course on the actual runways, for which the race is named, was really windy and a long, straight stretch. It was good to get a race in and was pretty cool to see the runways at the the now Brunswick Executive Airport, but it was a little disappointing. If you’re looking to do a half in Maine, I recommend the Maine Marathon: it’s set in Portland, so there are spectators all along the course and it’s a more interesting course.

Overall, a pretty weirdly eventful weekend and a mishmash of a lot of different things, and even though the race was wasn’t the best, it was a good way to get out.

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