Bowdoin Horror Story

Image 5Prospective students are visiting Bowdoin this weekend, so one of the most obvious things to do to welcome them is to take them on Bowdoin’s Haunted Tour! When I first heard about Bowdoin’s haunted tour, I was pretty skeptical that Bowdoin had anything scarier than finals (terrible joke, but it’s tour guide humor, right?)

Hubbard Hall, pictured to the left, has also been home to a number of ghost sightings and “tricks,” including a ghost, potentially Mr. Hubbard, who rattled the liquor cabinet that remained in what used to be his apartment and forced the professor whose office it was to stock the cabinet with a few bottles. Hubbard also bears an uncanny resemblance to the house from the first season of American Horror Story, in my opinion.

Bowdoin has some pretty creepy things lurking around its buildings. Adams Hall was the old Medical School of Maine, and though the building recently underwent renovations, there have been sightings of orbs in the building’s basement, and the hook that was used to hoist cadavers to the top floor for dissections still remains in place today.

There are several stories along this haunted tour, including one of a madman who used to live in a shack across from Bowdoin’s campus, so the tour promises to be a good one! David Francis, an employee of the College, has been compiling the stories for the tour for quite some time, including the ones I mentioned, and continues to add to what he shares. If you’re interested in taking the tour on your own, I’ve included a link above.

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