Noshing and Freezing

Last night I finally got out to Portland and burst the Brunswick/Bowdoin Bubble. There’s a shuttle into Portland for Bowdoin students for only five dollars, so it’s a good way to explore the world beyond Maine Street. Some friends and I went into the city and fit some good things in even though it was pretty cold outside.

It can be tough to find something to do in Portland at night if you’re under 21 and not going to a concert or the art museum. Most stores close sometime around five or six, so the only things that are  really open are coffee shops, restaurants, and bars. Our options were limited, so we went to Bull Moose for a little bit before dinner.

Image 2We had dinner at Nosh, which is on Congress Street and near a bunch of other restaurants and the Portland Museum of Art. There was a trendy atmosphere inside, and it was pretty loud, but the food was really good. They have creative burgers, including the Burnt Trailer Queen which is served between two doughnuts from Portland’s own The Holy Donut (they cook their doughnuts with potato flour, and my Italian professor brought us some after a tough exam–definitely recommend them). Their bacon dusted fries come highly recommended, but I tried the buffalo dusted fries which were really good–crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. I’d definitely go back. From what I’ve heard, Bowdoin students often just go to Duckfat or Flatbread when they go into the city, which are great, but a meal at Nosh is necessary.

Longfellow House at night
Longfellow House at night

We walked through the city after dinner and passed by the Longfellow House, which has been on my list of places to check out but is currently closed for the season. We ended up at Gelato Fiasco’s Old Port location. I just talked on Friday about their affogatos, which are perfect for cold nights like this one, but one thing I didn’t mention is the selection of board games they have. Like I said before, Portland gets quiet at night if you’re under 21, so a game of Bananagrams or Jenga can be a good solution to that. It’s not much of a wild night in the city, but it’s a good way to dodge the cold when it’s not warm enough to walk around the Old Port at night. Overall, it was a great night in the city to celebrate the approaching spring break.

As a side note, Maine Restaurant Week is happening until March 10th, and it’s a good way to score deals and try new places out.

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