Stop, Drop, and Roll: How to Handle a Defunct Vacation

My boss and I have talked a couple of times about how planning an upcoming vacation can be such a good way to motivate you to get through the work week. Making plans for what you’ll be doing can be a really exciting part of a vacation as you find what you’re most interested in doing. But what happens when your vacation turns out to be awful? Today on the blog, I’ll be discussing how to make the best of those disappointing and failed vacation endeavors.

1.) Plymouth Pebble? Going to school in Massachusetts, Plymouth Rock held a legendary status in my mind for ages. It had to have been this massive boulder, or more of a cliff, which the pilgrims crashed into on the shore and told them that they had arrived in North America. Although my entrance to the city of Plymouth wasn’t marked by a dramatic, geological welcoming, I was excited to see this rock. But what I discovered was a lot less exciting.

Plymouth Rock is a fairly sized rock, maybe a good size for one person to sit on. Although its size was disappointing, I’ll admit I had unrealistic expectations for this landmark (but is a boulder really too much to ask for?), but its placement was more disappointing to me. It’s located at the bottom of a gated-in pit, so it looks even smaller from a distance.

Solution? My mom and I were both pretty let down by the rock, but we managed to find a garden and park area nearby to walk around. I went a couple of years ago, so I can’t remember what it’s called, but it was still a good place for being outside.

2.) Salem, MA–When I went to Salem, MA for the first time when I was in first or second grade, I remember being terrified. Everything about it seemed scary. One day in middle school I returned with my dad and friend Will. It was before Halloween, so it seemed like a good thing to do. It was surprisingly empty despite the season, so the reenactment of a witch trial was odd as it was just us and the devout actors. Don’t get me wrong, Salem isn’t terrible, but the museums were a bit of a letdown.

Image 2
Downtown Burlington

3.) Burlington, VT–When I was planning on going to Burlington, I kept hearing from people how great and cool the city was. The first night there was a lot of fun. There were street performers and family bands playing on the street, lots of people walking around and going out to eat, and we went to The Farmhouse Tap & Grill for dinner which was great. What looked to be promising turned out to be a joke–it rained everyday we were there, a thunderstorm made us leave Lake Champlain after ten minutes on the beach, and there was really nothing to do but sit inside the hotel.

524271_10151176314260520_1931256410_nSolution? Factories. The highlight of this vacation for everyone was definitely our tour of Ben & Jerry’s. It was a really fun place to visit, and you get free samples of ice cream at the end of your tour. There’s a flavor graveyard for all of the retired flavors, a cutout to take pictures in, and, of course, an ice cream stand to eat even more ice cream.

Another good place to visit is Magic Hat Brewery. The tour here, like at Ben & Jerry’s, is high-energy, quick, and interesting and also gave free samples to visitors of age.

Though there may have been some disappointment on these vacations and day trips, there were still ways to salvage them.

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