DeWolf of Hope Street

ImageWhile it may not be a popular movie right now, Linden Place in Bristol makes for a fun and quick visit. Right on Bristol’s Hope Street, which is also the home of the oldest Fourth of July parade in the country, Linden Place was the home of the DeWolf family who made their fortune from the slave trade and privateering. Although it’s currently in the off-season and the museum is closed for regular tours, visits can be made by appointment and you can take a self-guided tour of the house. The home was used as Daisy’s childhood home in the original The Great Gatsby, was visited by multiple U.S. presidents, and even has a letter from Thomas Jefferson to one of the DeWolfs. Also quirky about the house are the chandelier in the dining room which has a plug at its bottom which was used to plug a toaster in to make toast and the unsupported, four-story, spiral staircase in the central hall, one of the few staircases of its type around. For only $5 for students and $8 for adults, a visit to this house is a cheap and interesting day out. For those who are interested, there’s also DeWolf Tavern nearby which has good dining on the water in the summer.

Inside The Breakers
Inside The Breakers

In other news, winter break is coming to a close, but I managed to fit in some other cool visits to places around Rhode Island. The Newport Mansions are great at Christmas time, and The Elms, The Breakers, and Marble House are all open so visitors can enjoy the Christmas decorations. And though Cliff Walk behind the mansions may still be partially closed from damage from Hurricane Sandy, the portion that goes to Easton’s Beach is open, and it’s still beautiful this time of year and a good path for running.

The Corner Cafe is a good spot for breakfast in Newport. I went for brunch on the weekend, and there was a bit of a wait, but I went back during the week for breakfast and there was no wait at all. If you go, try a coffee or one of their lattes. The Barn in Little Compton (Adamsville to be specific) serves up high quality breakfast too. Finally, if you venture into Dartmouth, Mass, don’t miss a Chippi from Mirasol’s. My sister didn’t get one when she went and regretted it, so don’t chicken out, even though it’s really caffeinated and sweet. Mirasol’s is a good place to go and do work, though it can get pretty crowded and loud.

4 thoughts on “DeWolf of Hope Street

  1. I live in this area & didn’t know part of the “Robert Redford” Great Gatsby was filmed here! I’ll have to make the trip, thanks for the tip!


  2. More recently, Linden Place is also prominently featured in “Traces of the Trade: A Story from the Deep North,” the PBS documentary about the DeWolf family’s slave-trading. Of course, the mansion has a long and rich history beyond that, too, and it’s well worth visiting.


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