Wednesday Adventures: How to Have Phun

This past weekend, I finally ventured into Pennsylvania and checked a visit to Philadelphia (specifically the obligatory cheesesteak) off the bucket list. The day and a half spent there was filled with food and some fun names like Passyunk and Schuylkill. Philadelphia is said to have the most murals of any city in the world, and it’s hard to miss this public art as you go around the city. Also, from almost anywhere in the city you can see City Hall, and it serves as your North Star. Here are some of the highlights from the weekend:

IMG_19181.) Classic Philly- We made the classic, tourist stops in the city, filling a couple of hours with as much as we possibly could. Pat’s King of Steaks is the home of the cheesesteak and our first stop in the city. If you go, be quick when you order because the people behind the counter don’t mess around. Order “wiz wit” to get a cheesesteak with no onions. Also, be prepared to be weighed down for the rest of the day after eating a cheesesteak, though it’s still worth it for the experience.

After that, we headed to Independence Hall and The Liberty Bell Center. Independence Hall, the birthplace of the U.S. wasn’t crowded, and you don’t need reservations or tickets in the off-season, so the wait for a tour wasn’t long. Our tour guide Carrie was great and entertaining and showed us through the judicial and legislative branches of the state house, which include the chair George Washington sat in during the Constitutional Congress. The Liberty Bell Center has some info leading up to where you see the bell and is also worth the stop for all its history.


2.) Reading Market- We went to this indoor food market shortly before 5 when everything was starting to close, which turned out to be a good move because some of the vendors had end of the day deals. There’s a huge variety here, so check it out and try something.

3.) The Franklin Institute- This extensive science museum is interactive and has a giant heart, but it was closed when we went because there was a wedding inside. On Thursday through Saturdays they have cheaper evening admission, and we didn’t have to wait long either. Right now there’s a really great exhibit on Pompeii which we went to and I definitely recommend.

Federal Donuts
Federal Donuts

4.) More Food- Philadelphia has a lot of great restaurants. Osteria has really good Italian food, but we had a bit of a wait despite our reservation to get a table. Scoop DeVille is a good ice cream place, and you can customize your own flavor (try Cookies ‘n’ Cream ice cream with a peanut butter brownie). Standard Tap, a bar in Northern Liberties which is more of a hipster area, has really good brunch, like the cranberry pecan pancakes, and wasn’t too crowded. Finally, make a souvenir out of the doughnuts from Federal Donuts and enjoy their great, fluffy doughnuts once you’ve left the city.

6 thoughts on “Wednesday Adventures: How to Have Phun

  1. All your talk of doughnuts and ice cream is making me hungry, especially because they’re probably my two favourite foods ever, and the things I miss most when I’m in the UK! Might I also suggest a trip to the Mutter Museum if you return to Philly? It’s not for the squeamish (it’s a medical museum) but it is super awesome!


    1. Hi Jessica, thanks for the suggestion! The Mutter Museum looks great, and I’d love to check it out if I go back to Philly. And I must say again, the doughnuts really were phenomenal.


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