My Maine Homeboy

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! It’s been quite some time since I’ve written on here as the semester got pretty busy, but that didn’t stop me from finding some new places around Maine while I was at school. And now that I’m back from school, I’ve gotten back to exploring in Rhode Island and New York. In an attempt to write about as many places as I can in this post, I’m going to fly through the last few months of new places, covering Maine here and other locations over the next few days. So, here it goes…

Yarmouth- A couple months ago, some friends and I went to Yarmouth and checked out Bruce’s Burritos and Stone’s Cafe. Bruce’s was good, cheap, and had quick service. There are lots of funny drawings on the walls too which are fun to look at while eating. Stone’s had some great pancakes and was pretty packed early on a Saturday.

Portland– I’ve branched out from the few restaurants in the city to try Fore Street, Portland Pie Company, Beal’s Ice Cream, and Three Dollar Deweys. Fore Street was really warm inside and had great wood-grilled food which was perfect on a freezing night. Portland Pie Co. was not nearly as crowded as Flatbread, which was a relief considering how long you can wait at Flatbread, even if you have a reservation. Their pizza was good and had an interesting, Maine spin. Beal’s is good, although it’s hard to compete against Gelato in Portland or Brunswick. Finally, Deweys was a good dive, and had great pub food and buffalo chicken. For those who are of age, there are also a bunch of breweries to try out like Shipyard Ale and In’finiti. And don’t forget to check out some of the shops around the Old Port for some interesting things.

A Christmas Canoe
A Christmas Canoe at L.L Bean

Freeport- This town, about twenty minutes away from Brunswick, has tons of shops, and can be even busier than Portland with all of the foot traffic. L.L Bean is truly a classic, and the store was incredibly decorated for Christmas and probably one of the most festive places I’d been before the holidays. There are a bunch of other outlet stores and restaurants in the area, so there’s plenty to keep you busy here.

Brunswick- Finally, Brunswick has plenty to offer around the holidays. The Androscoggin River Bicycle Path has been relatively clear despite the snow, though no guarantees on that one, which is good for running outside despite the weather. Flipside holds the fort for best pizza in town, but make sure to call ahead if you plan on eating in on a Friday night because the wait can be over an hour and ordering by the slice can be expensive. Little Dog is one of my favorites for studying, and I think their coffee is the best in town. Local and Wyler’s also have a lot of cool, Maine gifts which came in handy for all that Christmas shopping.

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