Indie Weekend

IMG_1665Another weekend in Maine has gone by, but it wasn’t one without some offbeat adventures. With the first Friday of September this weekend, Portland hosted its monthly art walk down Congress Street on Friday night. Some friends and I jumped on the opportunity and headed into the city for a few hours, but our first stop was something I was slightly more skeptical of at first. We went to Green Elephant, a vegetarian restaurant, for dinner. This was a far cry from Flatbread and Duckfat which I’ve been to almost every time I’ve been into Portland, and I’d never been to a vegetarian restaurant before, but I was pleasantly surprised. I had two appetizers–the King Oyster Mushroom Tempura and Crispy Wontons–as my meal, and they hit the spot being slightly healthier, though fried, alternatives to dining hall food.

After dinner, we headed to the Portland Museum of Art for a quick look through some of their galleries before stopping by some other open galleries on the way back to the car. Although some locations’ art was definitely more experimental than others, there were some interesting finds on the way. The streets were much livelier than First Friday in December, and we even happened upon some Zimbabwe marimba street performers.

While the rest of the weekend was relatively low-key, I did get out to Regal Cinemas in Brunswick last night to see The Way, Way Back. The theater has really comfortable new seats, and wasn’t too crowded on a Saturday night. The movie was also great, and I enjoyed that parts of it were filmed at Water Wizz, where the camp I worked at took a field trip this summer.

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