Back to School Munchies

With Bowdoin’s traditional lobster bake in the past, today is the first day of class here in Brunswick. And after leading my pre-orientation trip last week, I found myself with a lot of free time and a lack of meal plan during freshmen orientation. So that meant it was prime time to get to all of those Brunswick restaurants that I’ve been meaning to try.

One of my first stops was to El Camino. The only other Mexican restaurant I’d been to in town before was Pancho Villa, and I think El Camino takes the prize here for best food. People who go and are of age talk about their margaritas, but the food definitely stacked up. The portions are large, which were difficult to tackle after some great chips, guacamole, and salsa.

The Bowdoin Orient also challenges students to try all of Brunswick’s Asian restaurants before they graduate. I made some progress towards this goal in trying Little Saigon (Vietnamese) and Little Tokyo (Japanese). I’m a fan of Little Tokyo: they have bento lunches which are a great deal and a lot of food. I’ve heard that their food isn’t that authentic, but it still tastes great. Little Saigon was more of an experience for me: I ordered the small pho, which was anything but tiny. This soup came in a massive bowl which I barely managed to make a dent in. Glares from the waitress aside, Little Saigon was another good find.

Finally, I made it out to Jen’s Place, a tiny diner in town. Their breakfast was incredible and the portions very generous. The staff there is also very friendly and will joke around with you. Our server even pulled up a chair and sat with us while he took our order and tried to hide from his boss.

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