A Traveler’s Companions

Although summer is surely winding down, a lot of people still have traveling ahead of them: business trips, going back to school, or even just taking the subway or commuter rail to work everyday. With all of the sitting around in trains, planes, and, well, automobiles, a book can be a traveler’s best friend. So, here are some books that can keep your mind occupied while the train is inevitably late.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo– While I read Stieg Larsson’s first book a year or two ago, I couldn’t put down the second and third books in his trilogy this summer. All of his books are extremely detailed and rather long, so they’ll keep you busy for a while, and they’re perfect for both a long train ride or an afternoon on the beach. They are a bit graphic and candid, as a warning, but if you’re up for it, they are really engrossing.

John Green’s Books- These young adult novels are quick and easy reads, but their stories are very compelling and make them tough to put down, which doesn’t exactly lend these books to long rides if you finish them so quickly. Nonetheless, my personal favorites are Paper Towns and The Fault in Our Stars. 

On a different note, I’ve discovered another great companion for travelers this summer: Foursquare. With this social media website, users can check in to different locations, like coffee shops, restaurants, and beaches, and earn badges for different achievements or milestones. Why it’s helpful for travelers, though, besides keeping track of where you’ve been, is the recommendations it gives. When using the app, it gives you recommendations for places to visit, eat at, or go to based on how other users have liked it. I’ve used it to discover some great places like The Cooked Goose in Westerly, Camille’s in Providence, and The Moose Cafe in Tiverton.

While the days of summer may be dwindling, these “tools” can give you that little pick-me-up you might need on your way back to the reality of school or work without summertime excursions.

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