Winner, Winner Tiver-dinner

I know I’ve written about food a lot, but that’s not going to stop me from writing about food a little more. Although I’m no foodie, I’ve discovered a few places in Tiverton recently which will leave your stomach beyond satisfied with their indulgent comfort food.

I’ve mentioned the Four Corners Grille before for their burgers, but I’ve since been back and their food deserves mention. I’m a sucker for buffalo chicken, and their buffalo chicken tenders are great–even though they’re listed as an appetizer, you can order them as your entree. The restaurant is right in Tiverton Four Corners, which tends to be busy on weekends in the summer, and it’s a good place to walk around after you eat.

Another one of my new favorites is The Moose Cafe on Stafford St. The service here is faster than Gray’s, and they have a lot more flavors than Gray’s does too. Their soft serve is good, and they have massive sundaes, like the Omazing Oreo and Cookielicious, which are similar to Blizzards from Dairy Queen. It’s also a coffee shop and cafe, and though I haven’t tried any doughnuts or pastries from this place, they look really good.

Nonni’s is another good stop right next to The Moose Cafe. This small, casual, Italian restaurant has really doughy and delicious focaccia bread and great olive oil to go with it. I’ve had their pizza before and though it wasn’t the best, their food is generally tasty: their eggplant parmesan is some of the best I’ve had.

For people who know South Street Diner, Family Ties is Tiverton’s answer to one of Westborough’s favorite downtown diners. In North Tiverton, Family Ties serves up delicious grub, and the crowd packed into this restaurant on a Sunday morning speaks to how good their breakfast food is and how much people like it. They are closed on Mondays and only open until the early afternoon on Tuesdays if you plan on going.

Finally, located in next-door Portsmouth, Custom House Coffee had been on my checklist for a while. I’d driven by this coffee shop on 114 multiple times on the way to Newport or Middletown and finally stopped by yesterday. It’s a pretty big space inside, and people eating there were both working on laptops or sharing a casual lunch. They have a pesto chicken panini that hits the spot, and their Mocha Freeze can definitely leave you with a brain freeze if you slurp down this massive frozen drink too quickly.

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