RI39: Day 3 and Reorganizing

As you may have noticed, I’m well past my July 10th deadline for my RI39 project. Between work and spending a relaxing Fourth of July weekend around Tiverton, I’ve gotten very far behind schedule. Although I won’t go to every town in the Ocean State before my intended deadline, I will be going to every town before the end of the summer. This way, I can also enjoy each town a little bit more and hopefully dig into what makes each of the thirty-nine towns of Rhode Island distinct. Yesterday I revamped RI39 with two quick stops in Warwick and Cranston.

An interesting find in Warwick City Hall
An unexpected thing to find in Warwick City Hall

Warwick- I didn’t spend too much time in Warwick, but I did find this interesting merry-go-round horse inside Warwick City Hall. Warwick’s tourism website touts the city’s rich military history, being home to the Gaspee Affair and General Nathaniel Greene.

Cranston– My first stop in Cranston was at City Hall, where the people I spoke with were extremely friendly and helpful. After getting the required picture, I spent a little more time in Cranston at the Garden City Center, an outdoor strip mall with different types of stores, a Starbucks, and Chipotle among others. My mom, sister, and I ran a few errands and then got dinner at Papa Razzi here. Although I’ve missed their Framingham location, it was good to eat at this restaurant again.

An interesting find in Garden City Center
An interesting find in Garden City Center

2 thoughts on “RI39: Day 3 and Reorganizing

  1. Yeah, it does. They had a “Before I die” chalk mural outside Flatbread kind of like it for people to write something from their bucket list on the wall.


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