A Mainer Weekend

Maine truly deserves the slogan Vacationland. Although it’s a bit of a detour from my RI39 project, I spent the weekend visiting some friends at Bowdoin, and there’s plenty going on in Midcoast Maine in the summer to have a great time. Maine State Music Theatre has shows in Bowdoin’s Memorial Hall, there are art walks downtown, and plenty of events drawing people into Brunswick over the summer.

As I’ve mentioned before, the Bowdoin College Museum of Art is now showing a Maurice Prendergast exhibit: By the Sea. While waiting for our friends to get out of work, a few of my friends and I got in to see the exhibit. The paintings are impressionist and summery which helped set the mood for the weekend.

Noah and Oriana approve of Fat Boy.
Noah and Oriana approve of Fat Boy.

Brunswick is home to Fat Boy Drive In. As the name implies, this drive-in restaurant isn’t exactly healthy, but offers great burgers, frappes, and chicken fingers. Fat Boy has been on my list of places to try for a while now, and having a car this weekend made it the ideal place to cross off.  If you eat in your car, be careful of the seagull which sits on top of the restaurant’s sign waiting to swoop down to steal food. There is also indoor seating if you’d prefer a table and the assurance that your food won’t be stolen by rogue birds.

There’s also a Saturday morning farmers market in Brunswick. I’d never been until this weekend, but it drew a sizable crowd. There’s a lot of fresh produce, free samples, and also a coffee vendor if you’re looking for your daily fix.



I know I’ve written about Flatbread before, but Saturday night a group of us went out here for dinner. Portland is fantastic in the summer: we walked around Commercial Street and the Old Port while waiting for our table to be ready, and there were a lot of street performers out, a truck giving out free Dr. Pepper, and lots of people enjoying the finally warm weather right next to the water. We sat outside on a deck overlooking the water, and though it did get chilly later on in the night, it was worth the view.1012372_10201551176763995_2002699265_n

Outdoor seating at Flatbread
Outdoor seating at Flatbread

Although the weather was slightly less than optimal for most of the weekend, the sun finally came out this morning, so we bought food at Wild Oats Bakery and Cafe and brought it back to the main quad at Bowdoin for a picnic and topped the afternoon off with an ice cream from Cote’s on the Brunswick Mall before leaving for the weekend. If you’re looking to get to Brunswick or Portland for a weekend trip, it’s about two and a half hours from Boston by car. The Amtrak Downeaster train makes two trips daily from Boston’s North Station all the way to Brunswick, and Concord Coach Lines runs a bus from South Station to Brunswick.

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