RI39 Day 1: Bristol County

This morning I started the two week Rhode Island 39 Challenge in which I’m trying to visit every town in the state in two weeks. To kick off the adventure, I visited the towns of Bristol County today. These three towns are all right on the water, and it would have been nice to stop by their beaches on a day as hot and humid as today.

Toys from the exhibit
Toys from the exhibit

Barrington- I stopped by Barrington Town Hall first and was then directed to the library next door. In the basement of their library, the town is currently showing an exhibit about toys that children in the nineteenth and twentieth century played with. This exhibit was next to their permanent collection which included information about Barrington’s industrial past: the town used to have a lace factory, brickyard, oyster farm, and lumber yard. The room was filled with toy cowboys, dolls, building blocks, and even a model of a ferris wheel that was fully functional and interesting to watch after my ride on the London Eye last week.




photo-12Warren- My next stop was Warren, which was just an easy drive down from Barrington’s main road. There were a lot of churches on this street, and during my stop by Town Hall I was again pointed to the town’s library for its impressive architecture. It was a pretty cool town library, and they had a bunch of stuffed animals in their reference section like this raccoon which I don’t think you see everyday in a library (unless you live in Pawnee).



Bristol Parade Route
Bristol Parade Route

Bristol- My final stop of the day, Bristol is home to the oldest Fourth of July parade in the country, which this year is celebrating its 228th year. The town is very proud of this, and if you look closely at the picture you can see that the lines in the middle of the road are not yellow but red, white, and blue to tout the town’s tradition. From what I saw, Bristol also has great waterfront access and a nice downtown.


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