RI39: The Challenge

Anybody who knows me well knows that I’m obsessed with lists: to-do lists, bucket lists, travel lists, if there’s something, I have a list for it. So when I read an article in The Boston Globe about a couple that went to all of the 351 towns of Massachusetts in two weeks, I was interested. 351 towns is a lot, but I’m turning it up a notch–I’m planning on visiting all 39 towns of Rhode Island, the smallest state in the country, in two weeks.

All joking aside, I plan on visiting each town in a similar fashion that Ross and Lila from MA-351 did: stop by the town, take a picture to prove I was there, and find something of interest before moving on. Though visiting every town in Rhode Island isn’t as much of an achievement as seeing every town in Massachusetts, I hope that you can enjoy this opportunity to learn about Rhode Island as much as I do. With a deadline of July 10th, I start with the towns of Bristol County tomorrow.

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