Exploring Tiverton

After a great trip to London, I decided it’s best to get to know the new town across the pond: Tiverton. Yesterday I spent the afternoon out around town going on errands and passed by a few places which I decided to revisit today. With the temperature and sun both high, it was a great day spent outdoors and in the water.

This morning I went for a hike at Fort BartonI first discovered this park yesterday after a trip to Town Hall to get the Rhode Island EZ Pass for the new toll bridge (for any Rhode Islanders–getting one of these passes will save you a lot of money on tolls to cross the bridge). So this morning after another trip to Town Hall, I ventured up the hill to this park. After climbing the steep hill, there’s a small tower to climb and get a good look at the water, Tiverton, and Portsmouth across the river.DSCN3729

Lookout at Fort Barton
Lookout at Fort Barton

I continued into the woods and took the Red Loop (there are some different paths to take). Good walking shoes that can get dirty are a good idea as the paths were pretty muddy. The woods are great, and there’s a creek that intersects the path a few times. If you’re bad at navigating like I am, be mindful of the paths because they can be tough to follow sometimes. The loop was just under two miles, so this is a pretty good place for a quick hike. I followed the path back as it goes back much of the same way that it goes out, and then continued on to Black Goose Cafe for an iced coffee to cool off. Black Goose is great, and though I’ve only been to Coastal Roasters once so far, it’s typically less crowded, has easier parking, and has great food and drinks though a bit more expensive.


The Red Loop

The Red Loop

Later this afternoon, my mom and I went out kayaking on Nanaquaket Pond to beat the afternoon heat. The water was really shallow at 2 PM when we went, but this cove is a lot calmer than the Sakonnet River next door, so it’s good for an easy ride. There was also more of a breeze on the water which helped to cool off. Overall, it was a simple and active summer day outside.

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