New to Newport

I’ve been a little slow on the blogging recently, but this past week was a bit crazy as my family and I moved to Rhode Island. Though I’m still getting used to the new town and state, I’ve managed to find some good places in Newport County.

Black Goose Café, Tiverton- Conveniently located in downtown Tiverton, Black Goose is open 9 AM-9 PM. They’re right across the street from Nanaquaket Pond and the Sakonnet River, so it’s a good place to sit down and enjoy a coffee. They have great baked goods (like their blueberry muffin and s’mores bar) and unique coffee and lattes (like the Peanut Butter Cup latte). Their sandwiches are also delicious–I’ve had the Nanaquaket Panini, and it’s great. I’ve been here a lot this week, and they have a rewards program if interested.

Gray’s Ice Cream, Tiverton- When I told people I was moving to the area, everyone mentions Gray’s. I haven’t been able to decide if they’re better than Uhlman’s in Westborough, but their coffee ice cream is really good. They’re also located in the Tiverton Four Corners which is a small area downtown with shops.

Nanaquaket Pond, Tiverton- I haven’t spent a ton of time in the pond yet, but the water is clear and calm which is good for swimming, and people go out in boats and waterskis too.

photo-9White Horse Tavern, Newport- I’d been to Newport a few times as a kid, and though I may have enjoyed the breakfast buffet at the Marriott just as much as the mansions, it was cool to be back in this city for dinner with my family. The White Horse Tavern has been open since 1673, and their food, though pricy, justified its being open for over 300 years. Although we sat inside, there is also outdoor seating and a bar. After dinner, we drove around Newport a bit, and the sidewalks and restaurants were filled with people going out for the night. Even though we didn’t get out, Newport is a lot of fun at night, and there are plenty of restaurants to go to (like The Brick Alley Pub and The Red Parrot). 

There’s still a lot on my list to do in Newport County–Nanaquaket Pond and the Sakonnet River are great for kayaking and fishing, the Newport mansions are worth a repeat visit, and the competing coffeehouse in Tiverton sits right down Main Road. I’ll be away from the blog a bit again as I’m going away, but I’ll be tweeting about my trip to London here and there.

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