The Other Portland

cropped-dscn32304.jpgMaine’s former capital, Portland is the vibrant hub of Southern Maine. As a fan of the TV show “Portlandia,” I’ve enjoyed comparing Portland, Oregon, which the TV series is about, with nearby Portland, Maine. Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen might not play the hipsters in Portland, Maine, but there still are plenty to be found. Check out Pinecone & Chickadee and the surrounding area for some hipster souvenirs.

Iron & Wine
Iron & Wine

I spent my last night of the semester at State Theatre to see Iron & Wine. The theater had a lot of open standing room and some seats in the back too. Free parking was a treat for me after being accustomed to the few and far between, not to mention expensive, parking garages in Boston. The concert was great, but Portland on its own is the perfect place to spend a warm summer night. The Old Port is filled with cobblestone streets, small buildings, and good grub.

Two of my other favorite places in Portland are Flatbread and Duckfat. I first went to Flatbread with my a cappella group before heading out on a weekend retreat. The restaurant is right on the water, and offers unique pizzas (try Coevolution and Jay’s Heart) and hot lemonade with maple syrup. It was crowded and I haven’t been back yet but still recommend it.

Ursus Verses at Flatbread. Photo credit: Julianne Farrar

I went to Duckfat on a class trip into the city. We’d spent the day walking around the city and stopping by Bard Coffee and Pinecone & Chickadee, and by the time we got to the restaurant the wait was too long for us to get a table, but we got our food to go and walked down to the water, by Flatbread no less, and ate there. Their food is cooked in duck fat, which makes for delicious fries.

Portland definitely has a lot to offer. Look out for more to come soon about First Friday and the Art Walk.

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